About us

Little Endian Engineering is an audio electronics company located in Costa Rica. We design and build technology that brings together Arts & Engineering.

The whole idea began while longtime friends -Oscar and Andrés- were studying Electrical Engineering at Universidad de Costa Rica, experimenting with phasers, tremolos, overdrives and MIDI controllers. Back in 2017, they decided to put their dreams into action by starting an own business. Who thought that it would turn into a company years later?

LE is now powered by engineers, designers, and musicians who are passionate about creativity, expression, circuits and programming. We also love to generate career opportunities for students and young professionals that have these same interests. It is all about the love for what we do.

All of our products are conceived and designed to meet the real needs of modern musicians. We won't create a product that we wouldn't use ourselves!

LE also sponsors local and foreign artists, showing them our honest support for the Arts industry around the globe.

We keep on growing and learning each day, always with new ideas and new projects but with the same passion that brought us here.



Oscar Pauly


Andrés Quesada


Nathalia Rivas

Graphic Designer

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