LEON Overdrive + Distortion LEON Overdrive + Distortion LEON Overdrive + Distortion LEON Overdrive + Distortion
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LEON Overdrive + Distortion


The LEÓN OD+Dist is a dual pedal with unique features in collaboration with maestro Roberto Prado, designed to represent his renowned warm and bold sound.


This guitar pedal takes sonic creativity to new places with its two distinctive channels: overdrive and distortion. Whether you're looking for the crunch of overdrive or the weight of distortion, the LEÓN OD+Dist gives you a wide range of possibilities to uniquely sculpt your sound.


With many dual pedals on the market, you might wonder what makes the LEÓN OD+Dist different. We wondered that too before we designed it. What really makes the difference is the ability to change the order of the channels to your liking, plus a completely new third option.


This pedal has three carefully designed modes of use:

  • Overdrive before the Distortion
  • Both channels in parallel controlled with a mix knob
  • Distortion before the Overdrive


Discover true musical expression with LEÓN OD+Dist: where inspiration and innovation meet!

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Tune in your best tone without complications.

Independent and interactive EQ controls

  • Gain

    Adjusts the saturation level of the channel
  • Vol

    Controls de output level of the channel
  • Bass

    Boosts the low frequencies
  • Mid

    Boosts the middle frequencies
  • Treb

    Boosts the high frequencies
LEON User Manual


Weight:0.7 kg

Dimensions:4.7 in x 3.7 in x 2.7 in (119 mm x 94 mm x 67 mm)

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