Cabo Blanco Buffer+Boost Cabo Blanco Buffer+Boost Cabo Blanco Buffer+Boost
Cabo Blanco Buffer+Boost

Cabo Blanco Buffer+Boost


The Cabo Blanco buffer+boost is the pedal that every modern guitarist needs to have. This unique design allows you to keep your guitar's frequency range intact by preventing high-end loss from using long cables or cascading multiple pedals. The clean boost gives you up to +20dB of 100% clean gain, which will help push your amp's capacity to the max, giving you an addictive tone on the verge of breakup.

  • Buffered bypass
  • Level control
  • 9 Vdc (center negative)
  • Ultra-low consumption (30 mA)
  • +20dB clean boost

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The Cabo Blanco is a unique combination of a buffer and a clean boost designed to enhance your tone to the maximum. The buffer is always activated, which helps to avoid tone loss. The boost is optional and brings the level of your signal up when needed.

You need a boost!

The advantage of having a clean boost is that you can use it on any type of music and it will always add to your sound. Cabo Blanco will give you the extra edge you need to solo, or take those clean funk riffs you love to the next level. You can also place it before your favorite overdrive pedal and get even more gain from it.

New life for your amp

The best way to get the most out of an amp is to put a booster at the beginning of your signal chain. With the Cabo Blanco you can revive your amp and get the most out of the power it has to deliver. Many times the tone you are looking for is already in your amplifier and you just need something that helps you discover it. Give this pedal a try!

Cabo Blanco Buffer Boost - User Manual [EN]


Weight:0.4 kg

Size:11.2 x 6.4 x 4.9 cm


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