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Arenal Overdrive


The Arenal is a versatile overdrive with a really warm tone. This is a pedal designed to cover all the needs of the modern guitarist: from a clean boost, going into a transparent overdrive, ending with a heavy sound. Carefully designed by musicians and engineers, this pedal will never leave your pedalboard!

  • True bypass
  • 9 Vdc (negative center)
  • Ultra-low consumption (50mA)
  • Multi-colored LED indicates Drive level

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Inspired by the Marshall Bluesbreaker, its tone is incredibly dynamic and easy to tune in.

Thousands of combinations, 3 controls

  • Drive

    Adjusts the saturation level
  • Tone

    Boosts or cuts out the high frequencies of your tone
  • Volume

    Controls the output level of the Arenal

Amazing look

The Arenal is named after one of the most spectacular places in Costa Rica: The Arenal Volcano. This colossus inspired our graphic team to create a unique design that reflects the beauty of this natural paradise.

Arenal Overdrive - User Manual [EN]


Weight:0.5 kg

Size:12.5 x 7.3 x 5.7 cm


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