El Valiente Overdrive
El Valiente Overdrive

El Valiente Overdrive


This is the signature overdrive pedal designed for Chris Rocha and represents the foundation of his sound, both live and in the studio. In many of his productions, his characteristic tone stands out for being warm, clean and with a touch of saturation. In its two modes, green and red, you will be able to obtain a wide range of possibilities when playing: from a transparent sound on your rhythm guitars, to a heavy sound for your leads. El Valiente is definitely a pedal that will blow your mind.

  • True bypass
  • 9 Vdc (center negative)
  • Ultra-low consumption (50mA)
  • 2 clipping modes

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The versatility that this pedal offers will allow you to use it on virtually any stage. Its two modes (green and red) will give you that range of possibilities that we always need when playing.

  • Drive

    Adjusts the saturation level
  • Tone

    Controls the color of the signal by boosting or cutting out high frequencies
  • Volume

    Controls the output level of El Valiente

Which is your mode?

El Valiente features two gain modes, which you can choose depending on the tone you want.

GREEN mode

With this mode you can get an overdrive with enough clarity for rhythm and ambient guitars, but you can also saturate it if you need so. Chris uses this mode as the base of his sound both live and in the studio.

RED mode

It allows you to get more saturation and a more compressed tone. It's the perfect ingredient for your leads and solos. Chris uses this mode when he needs to boost his live lines.

El Valiente - User Manual [ES]


Weight:0.5 kg

Dimensions:12.12 × 6.6 × 3.53 cm


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